Organizational Assessment

Axiom realizes improving product development processes and organizational structures requires an understanding of existing processes and structures. Our proprietary benchmarking tools provide a comprehensive list of strengths, weaknesses, critical issues and potential opportunities that can help improve any company's performance.

All of these tools are backed by a unique analytical method and comparative, constantly updated databases containing thousands of North American manufacturing and service organizations. These databases provide information on best practices and serve as a basis for comparison with market leaders.

Axiom's benchmarking tools include

ProBe™ is a tool that evaluates the client's new product development process, practices and performance, and benchmarks the organization against over 2,500 other firms. ProBe identifies underlying causes of substandard performance and practices. More...

SOQ™, the Situational Outlook Questionnaire, examines key aspects of the work environment. SOQ will help better understand an organization's climate, and how it supports, or limits, the release and productive use of personal creativity and the ability to embrace change. More...

DPC™ compares the client company against leaders in new product development in the areas of Direction, Process, and Culture. DPC can also be used to measure change over time in these three key areas. DPC benchmarks across service or product companies, consumer or business-to-business. More...

NewProd™ can predict new concept winners and losers correctly 85% of the time, according to published studies in leading, refereed journals. Used by leading firms, it is an excellent combination benchmarking and screening tool for project teams and a great project evaluation aid for decision-makers. More...

What Axiom clients say about Benchmarking

"The ProBe, SOQ and DPC instruments created a credible profile of our organization, its processes, and structural strengths and opportunities. Our European HQ was equally impressed and endorsed our responsive actions."
Manger of Innovation - Major Tire Manufacturer

"We were doing great in some areas and needed dramatic improvement in others. Although many here knew it, we needed these tools to prove it, and then used Axiom to help formulate and measure future improvement. Their process works well."
Vice President of Marketing - Software Company

"To improve, we had to know where we were and then establish metrics to track our improvement. The DPC and SOQ are helping us correct our problems and objectively measure the value and effectiveness of the changes we are making to improve product development and innovation."
Vice President of Product Development - Medical Products Company