NPD Process

How much is an effective Process worth?

How many products and services are being delivered to market that do not meet their financial goals? What is the cost of failure or being late to market? Additionally, are these costs measured only in "immediate" dollars or is there a greater long-term loss in market share and customer confidence?

If product success can be improved by only 10%, what is the value to your company? Enhanced and streamlined processes typically boost NPD results 10% to 30%, or more.

    An effective, formalized product development process will help an organization:
  • Screen and prioritize opportunities
  • Understand and manage risk
  • Provide direction, focus, and a clear picture of customer needs
  • Manage effective resource utilization
  • Support timely decision-making
  • Ensure market needs guide all aspects of the process

Depending on organizational needs, Axiom can help refine an existing product development process (the Audit), develop an entire approach "from scratch," or lead implementation of the top automated software process (see Accolade).

The Audit

    The Axiom Process Audit is a cost-effective way to benchmark an existing process. It helps you understand your organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement. The Audit has three stages:
  • Stage 1 Set benchmarks and conduct diagnostics.
  • Stage 2 Establish action plans and refine key process deliverables.
  • Stage 3 Define specific changes including steps, procedures, metrics, documents and tools.

Four Dimensional™ Product Development Process

Four Dimensional (4D) Product DevelopmentSM, is a proven new product development process taught by leading universities and used by many product and service organizations. The 4D Process integrates strategy and portfolio management. It is easily customizable for product or services, high or low tech, and large or small businesses.

What Axiom clients say about Process

"The 4-D's are four easy steps with objective metrics and easy to visualize and communicate process phases that make product development sense."
Director of Marketing - Large Paper Company

"The 4-D's work - they add process, strategic focus, objective screen and an adaptable yet comprehensive system that works. We now can prioritize and work on what is really important to our business and not just what someone wants to do."
Process Manager - Regional Utility Company

"When we started looking for automating our NPD process, the new Accolade software was the best system we reviewed to fit our cross-functional, sometimes contradictory, requirements."
Vice President - International Food and Beverage Corporation

"Once we had the Axiom 4-D's working we found that it was time to automate with Accolade and be able to better manage and communicate New Product Development on a global basis."
Vice President - International Food and Beverage Corporation