Automating the NPD Process

Accolade is the powerful automated New Product Development Process Software developed with the guidance of Bob Cooper and Scott Edgett. Accolade is the solution for Total New Product Development Process Control on a national or international basis. The basic requirements for Accolade are a demonstrated need for the benefits of automation and communications and a well-defined New Product Development process. Please contact Axiom to discuss any specific needs.

Automation Makes NPD Management More Efficient and Effective by

  • Integrating common information sources
  • Sharing and reuse of learning across projects
  • Proactive knowledge and information enabling to complete deliverables and improve decision-making
  • Implicit sharing of process knowledge
  • Creating and growing of an explicit, company-specific knowledge base
  • Instant replication of best practices
  • Making the Process, it schedules and issues available to up to 5000 users

Accolade Software provides the following

  • Real-time Digital Dashboard views for portfolio management
  • Configurable charts and reports to meet your needs
  • Data is held in a centralized location
  • Data is maintained by project leaders at the project home page
  • High-level portfolio views and Drill down capabilities to each project
  • Real-time analysis
  • What-if tool based on industry best practices
  • Flexibility to automate your NPD process
  • Analytical tool for evaluating projects in process
  • Content management for retaining and reusing knowledge gained
  • Works on most popular systems Client Operating System: Windows 95, 98, NT SP3+, 2000 and XP Also: Word or relevant editor; Server Operating System: Windows 2000 Server SP1+, up to 5,000 users.

Key areas of improvement and benefit from the Accolade

  • Reduce Project Cycle Time
  • Reduce Cost Per Project / Product
  • Increase Value Of Successful Project / Product
  • Increase Project / Product Success Rate
  • Earlier Project / Product Failure Identification
  • Increase Number Of Ideas To Consider
     • Divergence
     • Effective Convergence
  • Improve Prioritization / Screening Process
     • Objective / Formal / Fact-based product & project comparison process
     • Access to information and expertise (past project learning, internal expertise, internal information)
  • Improve cross-functional coordination & collaboration (i.e., improved organizational "hand-offs")
     • Efficient management and use of resources
     • Efficient mechanism for sharing project progress / decisions / dependencies / roles / expectations across multiple functions
  • Improve project "micro" decision making
     • Access to information and expertise
     • Access to internal & external tacit knowledge

Accolade will

  • Automate your NPD process
  • Make NPD faster, more precise and reduce risk
  • Improve your communication at all levels in all divisions and all countries
  • Improve Portfolio Management
  • Provide document storage, versioning, and retrieval
  • Provide for NPD Portal & Analysis Services
  • Provide Screening, Diagnostic, and Predictive Tools to improve metrics, and objectivity