Direction, Process, and Culture

DPC™ helps companies gain a better understanding of how their organization stacks up against other successful companies from the perspectives of direction, process and culture. A single page survey, it can be administered periodically to measure the effectiveness of change.


  • Complete diagnostics, highlighting your organization's strengths, weaknesses, and relationship to the industry average as well as the top performers.
  • Documentation of the perceptual differences of product development between business functions and management levels.
  • Tools that any company can self-administer to benchmark change on an ongoing basis.

Key Benefits

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses in process, culture, and communication of strategy and direction.
  • Secures the active involvement and buy-in of key personnel to the change or redesign process.
  • Includes a database of over 1,400 corporate inputs from product and service companies and functional groups including R&D, engineering, marketing, operations, finance, sales and product development.

Sample Data