Custom Tools

Axiom creates custom screening tools for product and services companies for every phase of New Product Development. From initial screens integrated into concept documents to sophisticated weighted product screen and portfolio management tools, all screens are benchmarked to help insure decisions are objectively based on strategy, financials, market need, and core competencies.

Screening tools range from simple, fill in the blank quantitative hand written tools, to sophisticated, yet easy to use Excel-based spreadsheets with interactive graphics. See "AxiScreen" below.

Key Benefits

  • Objective prioritization of all products, projects and portfolios. Provides clear, objective guidelines for go/no-go decisions and prioritization of products or services with the most value to your organization.
  • Better communication of the value of each product, project and portfolio.
  • Objectively eliminates the distractions and projects that have no value to the company.
  • Provides better use of resources.
  • Clearly outlines the strategic objectives and hurdles for new products.
  • Clearly communicates project description and value.

Axiom helps many companies, small and large, develop the initial product concept document. This helps insure all new ideas have the information required to be clearly understood, evaluated, and prioritized.


The AxiScreen has evolved over thirty years into a powerful, easy to use, visual tool, configured for today's New Product Development challenges. It allows project and portfolio screening to take place based on objective and weighted competitive strength and business attractiveness criteria. It can be calibrated to fit exactly the strategy and objectives of the business.

What Axiom clients say about our Screening Tools

"We're now using two screeners introduced by Axiom and have reduced screening time by over 50% for the 1000+ new product ideas submitted to us annually."
Vice President, Product Development - Major Electronics Manufacturer

"We use the Axiom Portfolio screen to ensure we are maximizing our investments. We are now working on fewer but significantly more valuable projects. We now know and can agree that we are working on best products for our business."
Marketing Manager - Insurance Company

"Axiom helped us integrate a first screen into our new product submission form."
Vice President - International Food and Drug Corporation