Situational Outlook Questionnaire for Creativity and Change

SOQ™ examines psychological aspects of the work environment to develop a better understanding of the perceptions people have of their organizational climate. The survey provides perspectives across nine dimensions:

  1. Challenge and Involvement
  2. Freedom
  3. Trust and Openness
  4. Idea Time
  5. Playfulness/Humor
  6. Conflicts
  7. Idea Support
  8. Debates
  9. Risk-taking


  • Complete data (with charting, if desired) including means, standard deviations and ranges. This data includes an overall corporate summary as well as details for individual groups assessed.
  • Recommendations for improving the environment for creativity and change.
  • A presentation of the climate results in relation to the results of other assessment tools.

Key Benefits

  • Clearly measures the climate for innovation and shows whether your organization is innovative, average, or stagnant when compared with other related organizations.
  • Outlines the perceptual differences of product development between business functions and management levels.
  • Creates a clear understanding of existing perceptions. This understanding helps drive positive organizational change.
  • Tracks progress over time within the organization.

Sample Data